Reciprocal Health Agreement Uk Australia

Reciprocal Health Agreement UK Australia: What You Need to Know

If you`re planning a trip to Australia from the UK, or you`re an Australian planning to visit the UK, you may be wondering about the reciprocal health agreement between the two countries. We`ve put together this guide to help you understand what the agreement means for you and your healthcare needs while you`re abroad.

What is the Reciprocal Health Agreement?

The Reciprocal Health Agreement (RHA) is an agreement between the UK and Australia that provides some access to necessary healthcare services for eligible residents of each country while they`re visiting the other country. The agreement covers medically necessary treatment that can`t wait until the person returns home and is provided at no charge, or at a reduced cost, to eligible residents.

Who is Eligible for the Reciprocal Health Agreement?

The RHA applies to residents of the UK who are eligible for the National Health Service (NHS) and who are visiting Australia as a temporary visitor. It also includes Australian residents who are eligible for Medicare and who are visiting the UK as a temporary visitor.

What Does the Reciprocal Health Agreement Cover?

Under the RHA, eligible residents can access medically necessary treatment while visiting the other country. This includes:

– Treatment as a public patient in a public hospital

– Subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in Australia

– Free treatment by a general practitioner (GP) in the UK

– Emergency ambulance transport services

It`s important to note that the RHA does not cover all healthcare services. For example, it does not cover elective or cosmetic procedures, private hospital treatment, or dental treatment.

How to Access Healthcare Services Under the Reciprocal Health Agreement

To access healthcare services under the RHA, eligible residents will need to provide evidence of their eligibility. This may include:

– A valid passport or other photo identification

– A valid Medicare or NHS card

– Evidence of their visa status in the visiting country

It`s also important to be aware that the RHA may not cover all of the costs associated with necessary treatment. Patients may be required to pay for some services and treatments, so it`s important to check with the relevant healthcare provider before treatment begins.


The Reciprocal Health Agreement between the UK and Australia provides some important healthcare benefits for eligible residents visiting each other`s countries. However, it`s important to be aware of the limitations and requirements of the agreement before travelling and to always check with healthcare providers about any potential costs associated with treatment.

By understanding the Reciprocal Health Agreement and planning accordingly, eligible residents can enjoy peace of mind while travelling and know that they have access to necessary healthcare services if needed.